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Exotic & Beautiful Cacti and Succulents

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San Diego Succulent Design is the natural outcome of my lifelong love of plants, nature, and artistic design. I’ve been tending plants most of my life, and have been focusing almost exclusively on succulents, air plants, and cacti for the past several years. I offer a wide range of plants from the artfully presented more common and affordable plants to the rare and exotic. 


San Diego Succulent Design Truly Cares

I seek out and acquire the best containers for your plants, and you will notice in my photo gallery that I use everything from found natural objects to rare antique Asian pottery. Many of my containers are handmade by local artisans, including lava rock pots that I make by hand, and hand-crafted wooden container gardens that I design and build.  

 I will only ship plants at a time and in a manner that is healthy and safe for your plants.  I hope to put together the perfect plant or arrangement for you!    


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One constant you will find in the potted plants I offer is quality. Besides being attractive, every plant I sell is healthy, with a well-established root system in its current container, and is planted in a super-soil that I have developed over years of trial and error – this soil blend contains 14 natural ingredients which I mix together thoroughly in a cement mixer. The super-soil will help ensure that healthy growth continues after your purchase. Care instructions specific to your plant are included.


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